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Season 3 Shows

Show 42 -Joining Dave Roberts this week on the Red Army sofa – Ben Lamb and Boro legend Tony McAndrew.

Show 41 -Join Marc Yafano as he chats with this week’s guests Paul Burke and Leslie Bland on the RedArmy sofa.

Show 40 – Joining Marc Yafano on the Red Army sofa this week – Ian and Ryan Galloway

Show 39 -Recorded after the 2-1 defeat of Derby at Pride Park – cracking performance. Caroline Walker & John Flynn join Dave in the studio.

Show 38 -Joining Marc Yafano on the Red Army sofa this week – Barri Chohan and Mick Good

Show 37 -Joining Marc Yafano on the Red Army sofa this week is Darren Murrell and John Putson

Show 36 -The Gazette’s Phil Tallentire joins the RedArmy gang on the Red Settee after the Burton embarrassment and the Wolves defeat.

Show 35 – Joining Dave on the RedArmy Sofa this week – Graham Ridley and Alan Puttick

Show 34 – Joining Dave on the RedArmy sofa this week, Marc Yafano and Boro legend Graeme Hedley.

Show 33 – Chat after Barnsley 3-1 win. Mark Motley and Adam Bragg with Dave in the studio. Pulis hands responsibility to the players for playoffs and Brenford is next up.

Show 32 -This week Joining Dave Roberts on the RedArmy sofa this week, Martin Kilburn and his nine year-old son Morgan.

Show 31 – Dom Shaw of the Gazette in the studio alongside Dave & Phil as we discuss Sunderland, Traore and Leeds.

Show 30 – This week Joining Phil on the RedArmy Sofa this week are two members from Boro Fusion – Ifshann and Woody

Show 29 – This week joining Matt Bland on the sofa this week is Pat Murray and Ian Lawson.

Show 28 – This week joining Phil Bullock on the RedArmy sofa is Bob Tait and Courtney Hussain.

Show 27 – This week we have BDO World Champion Duzza with us along with Phil Bullock

Show 26- This week’s guests John Brooke and Micky Mackey.

Show 25 – Chatting with Dave Roberts on the RedArmy sofa this week – Marty Padgett and Mark Carroll.

Show 24 – Joining Matt Bland on the RedArmy sofa this week

Show 23 – Joining Dave on the red sofa this week is Joe Nicholson and Barry Thomas

Show 22 – Monk has been sacked and Pulis appointed

Show 21 – After the loss at Millwall

Show 20 – 3 pts at home to Ipswich and a start for Bamford

Show 19 – After the away defeat at Bristol City, with John Flynn & Norman Shute

Show 18 – After the home defeat by Derby County, guests are Neil Dyball & Peter Brunton.

Show 17 – Straight after beating Birmingham with Dave Hodgson

Show 16 – International break,  we have newlyweds Mick and Cath Sykes

Show 15 – 9 points in 3 games after a win against Sunderland

Show 14 – After 2 away wins on the bounce

Show 13 – After the defeats at the hands of Cardiff and Bournemouth

Show 12 – Post Barnsley

Show 11 – Before Barnsley

Show 10 – Recorded after the home draw with Brentford

Show 9 – Recorded after 1-0 home defeat to Norwich.

Show 8 – recorded after QPR & Villa (cup) wins.

Show 7 – Recorded after the 0-0 draw at Villa (League).

Show 6 – Chatting about this weekend’s match against Bolton 

Show 5 – Recorded after the 0-0 home draw with Preston

Show 4 – We talk Forest and Scunny and look forward to Preston

Show 3 – we discuss 1-0 against Sheff Utd & 2-0 at home to Burton Albion

Show 2 – after the Wolves defeat

Show 1 – Pre season